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"Jessica is a gifted healer and medium. Her distance healings are very therapeutic. She has also conveyed messages from spirit to me that are comforting, positive, and accurate. I can confidently recommend Jessica and the services she provide." -Valerie K.

"This morning I had a distance Healing/Reading with Jessica Rudin. Jessica is an incredible Healer and Medium. During the session I felt a tingling in my head. Then I felt my heart gently beating though my chest, I never felt that before. I also felt this strong sensation in the back of my neck, like something was being worked on there. Not uncomfortable, just that something was going on there. Then towards the end, I saw vivid colors like when I am in deep meditation. I saw deep purples!

Then Jessica told me about what came through to her while she was healing me. All the issues she brought up were extremely accurate. She knew the medical issues I had with my body without me telling her a thing! She was also able to see and feel my energy field and described it in detail. I have never had someone do that before! My mother’s sister came through, my aunt who died soon after I was born. Jessica described her rocking me while I was a little baby. My mother had told me this story when I was growing up, how her sister was dying in the hospital and they put me in her arms. My father, who has died more than 30 years ago, also came through.


 I had an incredible experience with Jessica, both with the Healing and the Reading. She is a loving, compassionate, and very gifted Healer and Medium, and I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you Jessica for sharing your amazing gifts with me!" -Paul E.

"A few weeks ago I received my first Reiki/Spiritual healing from Jessica in her office. When you walk in, you're immediately welcomed with scents of Sage and a calming incense. There are soft white lights surrounding a low lit room. In the middle is a massage table where you'll lay and have the experience of your life.


Jessica is one of the most warm and down to earth souls you could ever have the pleasure of meeting and knowing. My main purpose for going to Jess was to help heal my ovaries of the cysts that line them (PCOS is my true diagnosis). My goal is to gear my body up for another pregnancy.


Before Jess began, she asked me if I knew what Reiki was. She explained very thoroughly that it's an ancient Japanese healing technique in which she uses energy from the Divine and that she acts as a vessel for the energy to flow through to heal the affected area. The truly meaningful part of the day was when she told me that a few people that have passed on were with me. She had no previous knowledge of who's passed over in my life so it came as a HUGE shock and relief to me. After that she asked me to lay down on the table. There was this beautiful meditation music playing in the background and once again saged the room and began her process. It was the most relaxing and beautiful experience. I felt like I was on a cloud. I could feel the energy flowing through my body. Lots of tingling in the spots she focused on and just a feeling of relief. When she was finished, she had me slowly get up since the feeling of being on a cloud hadn't disappeared (which is a great feeling by the way) and we discussed what she had found by doing a full energy scan on my body. We discussed different ways to help heal the problem areas and wrote down everything she said so I could take it home.


Fast forward to now and yesterday, after 4 months of not ovulating and negative tests, I finally got my happy face and I'm finally ovulating! I truly believe in my heart that this was a result of Jess' healing session. As a matter of fact I just scheduled another appointment for a second session!


Jessica, you are as beautiful as they come; inside and out. Thank you with all my heart. I'm blessed to know you and I hope you know how truly gifted you are."   -Christin A.

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