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Jessica Rudin, M.A. is a certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Therapist & Spiritual Educator. Since she was a young girl, she was able to carry the emotions of others and physically see energy. In her professional life, Jessica acquired her Bachelor's degree in Education, her Master's degree in Urban Affairs and is currently working on her Master's in Teaching at Stony Brook University so that she may teach future generations how to work with energy and practice mindfulness in their daily lives. She has designed many classes for spiritual development and has written guided meditations for her clients. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients see their own light so that they may share it with the world. In addition to her counseling services, Jessica believes in the healing power of nature and crafts her own tinctures and salves which are available for purchase.


Roots by Jessica Rudin is a center that offers psychic-mediumship readings, Reiki therapy, spiritual classes, group readings, meditations, Reiki circles & much more.

We look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey!


"Lets get down to the roots of your restraints."

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